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Billiards Tutorial: How to Play Pool – The Fundamentals

ORDER all your billiard supplies HERE: Thanks to our lovely model Jamillette Gaxiola and KillerDutch production crew! Thanks to my ... [Read More.]

Billiard Tutorial: How to Aim & Cue Ball Control!!!

ORDER all your billiard supplies HERE: Thanks to our lovely model Jamillette Gaxiola and KillerDutch production crew! Thanks to my ... [Read More.]

Mastering Pool (Mika Immonen) Billiard Training Cue ball control by Thailand Pool Tables

Available in Thailand from Thailand Pool Tables: Mika \'the Iceman\' ... [Read More.]

How to Curve a Pool Ball | Masse Tutorial

A quick little tutorial on some tough masse shots! Insane spin needed! [Read More.]

Learn to Play Pool in Ten Minutes -- billiards instruction

A short introduction to the fundamentals of pool (pocket billiards) [Read More.]

Tips In Pool That Will Improve Your Game Fast

In this pool lesson I am showing you four tips that will improve your game very fast. I am also introducing my new playing ability test that is available on my ... [Read More.]

Pool Lessons - Pool Lessons for BEGINNERS - Learn the Fundamentals

The best BEGINNER\'S pool lesson on youtube. Learn the BASICS right here...! Have fun, and smile...! [Read More.]

Pool Lesson | The Importance Of Angles In Pool

In this pool lesson I will show you the importance of angles when playing pool. Bigger angles may make the pot itself a little tougher, but position for the next ball ... [Read More.]

Billiards Tutorial: How to Break 8 Ball in Pool

Want some tips on how to be a better ball breaker? From how to rack to where to aim, I go over some of the most asked fan questions in this tutorial. SUBSCRIBE ... [Read More.]

Billiards Tutorial: Advanced shots!!!

How to curve the cue ball with Massé shots and how to legally jump the ball. Special shots for escaping desperate situations! ORDER all your billiard supplies ... [Read More.]

Simple Spin Shots- Tutorial

Although I don\'t go into depth about these shots, once you start to notice the spin taking effect on your shot, continue to practice it until you really know when and ... [Read More.]

Pool and billiards grip and bridge technique and advice - Part 1 (NV B.96)

Part 2: Dr. Dave and Bob Jewett describe, illustrate, and demonstrate proper technique for a pool and billiards grip and bridge. [Read More.]

Billiards Tips & Techniques - Pool Shots Tutorials - Phil Capelle Half Masse Pool Shot

Learn the half masse shot from Phil Capelle\'s book \"Play Your Best 8 Ball\". When your angle to the pocket is slightly blocked by another ball you can use this ... [Read More.]

Billiards Tutorial: How to 'Up' your game!!! (pattern play & safety)

A cool tutorial on how to analyse the table after the break and play better position!! ORDER all your billiard supplies HERE: Thanks to our ... [Read More.]

Billiards - English Billiards shots by Rob Hall

A fun video to show the uses of spin within the game of English Billiards. [Read More.]

96. Coaching Session - Part 1

This video is a \'fly on the wall\' look at Barry coaching a young lady, Selina, who is in the early stages of the journey to improve her game of snooker. [Read More.]

How To Play Pool: Tips & Tricks from the Experts!

Check out Bas Rutten\'s Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Leah D\'Emilio becomes a hustler for a day: a pool player, that is! Leah takes a ... [Read More.]

The Stance - Pool Tutorial | Pool School

The Stance In this video we look at the stance, how to address the table and delivering the cue in a straight line. We look at the imaginary shot line, position of ... [Read More.]

Pool and billiards bank shot drill for learning cut-angle effects, from VEPP IV (NV C.14)

Dr. Dave and Bob Jewett describe, illustrate, and demonstrate drills for practicing how to adjust your aim to account for various cut angle effects with bank shots. [Read More.]

5 Basic Spins in Pool and How to Do Them

The most important Spins and the proper way to perform them! [Read More.]

POOLSIDE TRICK SHOTS Venom III Ep 1 | Ozone Billiards

Watch Episode one from Florian \"Venom\" Kohler\'s Venom III Trick Shots. SUBSCRIBE for more from pool trickshot artist Florian Kohler! [Read More.]

How to play Carom Billiards & 3 Cushions?!

Pool Live Tour: Champions NOW available on Google Play and Appstore: Go to for all your billiards supplies. [Read More.]

1/3-More-Than-Twice Bank-Shot Aiming System - from "How To Aim Pool Shots (HAPS)" - NV E.8

Excerpt from Disc III of the \"How to Aim Pool Shots (HAPS)\" instructional DVD series by \"Dr. Dave\" Alciatore\" and Bob Jewett. This clip covers how to use the ... [Read More.]