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Introduction to Biometrics

I cover authentication, identification, biometrics pros and cons. [Read More.]

MDI Fingerprint Time attendance Training / Installation Guide

MDI Biometric time attendance machine 3600 model video tutorial for Installation. [Read More.]

Biometrics Tutorial 01 - Basic Excel

Copying and pasting data, keyboard shortcuts for moving around the spreadsheet. [Read More.]

K-14 Time Keeping Biometrics Video Tutorial (PART I)

K14 is an innovating biometric fingerprint reader for time and attendance applications, offering unparalleled performance using and advanced algorithm for ... [Read More.]

Swift Face ID Touch ID Biometrics Tutorial

How to use Face ID and Touch ID in Swift. Check out our iOS Course: Source Code: ... [Read More.]

ESSL Identix K30 Pro ID+B Biometric Attendance Machine

In this Video we are showing ESSL Identix K30 Biometric Time & Attendance Machine. Buy Online : Buy Online : [Read More.]

Student Attendance with Fingerprint Reader

Get the project at This project allows user to get student attendance using fingerprint ... [Read More.]

Presentation on Biometrics

Recorded with [Read More.]

iSecure Biometrics (Basic Biometrics Implementation)

Do it yourself basic biometrics implementation. [Read More.]

Hacking Fingerprint Scanner: Replicating Fingerprint for Biometrics BCD Tech Want to contribute BCD Tech Donate here: Bitcoin: ... [Read More.]

How To Edit OR Delete User From Biometric Time Attendance Machine identix k30

is video me aap jane user add or delete kaise karte hai. how to make admin biometric attendance machine -- ————————-Link——————————– ... [Read More.]

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System Demo Training Online in Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Chennai India Supplier of Quality Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System Online Demo Training in All Parts of India Online, No need of Installation Person ... [Read More.]

Tutorial on Domain Adaptation in Biometrics

ICCV17 | Tutorials | Domain Adaptation in Biometrics Richa Singh [Read More.]

How to Install Fingerprint Attendance Management System Full Video

Zkteco Time Attendance Software Setup and Configuration and Zktaco configure ZKTEco Biometric Attendance Device with ZKTime Software.In this video i want ... [Read More.]

Security Settings, Biometrics & Smart Lock Tutorial for Galaxy S9

Keeping your data and phone secure may be one of the most important features on a phone today. This video will show you all the ways that you can secure ... [Read More.]

Arduino Tutorial: Use a Fingerprint sensor module to add biometric security to your Arduino projects

If you want to add biometric security features to your Arduino projects, an easy way to do so, is to add a fingerprint sensor module to it. In this video we ... [Read More.]

LX50 Time Keeping Biometrics Video Tutorial (PART I)

For more details, please visit our website at Like us on Facebook: [Read More.]

Android Fingerprint Authentication / Lock App - Android Studio Tutorial

Hello guys, This tutorial will cover how you can secure your app with fingerprint Authentication Source Files ... [Read More.]

Biometrics Tutorial

Biometrics Tutorial. [Read More.]

How to Edit Missed Day and Late Time in Biometrics made Easy 2017

Just for Educational Purposes Only we are not responsible for any action that you made. do this at your own risk! download link: ignor ... [Read More.]

Realtime Biometrics Software Configuration and Password Reset with Detail

Real Time Biometrics Software Configuration and Password Reset realtime biometric time attendance system realtime biometric fingerprint attendance machine ... [Read More.]

Mantra Mfs 100 BioMetric Fingerprint USB Device Installation

Purchase Online Mantra MFS100: Mantra Mfs 100 Bio-Metric Fingerprint USB Device Installation Unboxing, Installation & Review. [Read More.]

How to Make Fingerprint Door Lock at Home

How to Make Fingerprint door Lock at Home From this tutorial, you can make awesome fingerprint sensored locking system for your Door. You need Adafruit ... [Read More.]

Biometric integration with Suprema BioStar v.1.6, BioEntry Plus & Bosch Access PE v.2.1

Biometric Access Control Software used: Suprema BioStar v.1.6 and Bosch Access PE v.2.1 Hardware used: Bosch ARD-FPBEPIC-OC and APC-AMC2-4WCF ... [Read More.]

Biometrics {PPT} By KP

This presentation based on new heated up technology Biometrics. This presentation is useful for students of higher-secondary and college. if you like this video ... [Read More.]

MB360 Face Biometrics - Video Tutorial Part II

Model Unit: MB360 Brand: ZKTeco Product: Time Keeping Face Recognition Device Software: TouchLink Time Recorder Software version 3 Part II Tutorial: ... [Read More.]

Biometrics Tutorial 02 - Excel Formulas

This demonstrates the difference between a "relative" range and an "absolute" range in an Excel formula. [Read More.]

Biometrics Tutorial 05 - How to Use a Pivot Table

Introducing the Pivot Table - the most useful feature in Excel! [Read More.]

Voice Biometrics Tutorial

เปิดประสบการณ์ใหม่ Voice Biometrics ไปกับซิตี้วันนี้ ให้คุณพิสูจน์ถึงนวัตกรรม... [Read More.]

Biometrics Tutorial 04 - Data Filters

How to use "Data Filters" to make subsets of your data and to check for missing or incorrect data. [Read More.]

Getting Started with the Fingerprint Sensor

Here's a video guide to getting started with our fabulous fingerprint sensor! In addition to the detailed photo/software tutorial, we hope it'll help you set up your ... [Read More.]

Create a biometric FUI look with a face - Tutorial 144: Inter-faces

How to track a face to create a futuristic biometric user interface look Project File: Patreon: ... [Read More.]

Biometrics Tutorial 03 - Pasting screen captures.wmv

How to grab a screen capture, how to paste Excel data into a Word or PowerPoint document. [Read More.]

integrate CAMS biometric attendance machine with Cams Cloud Application

This video shows about integrating the CAMS branded ( fingerprint biometric attendance machine with its own cloud ( All the ... [Read More.]

Zkteco Time Attendance Software Setup and Configuration Full

Zkteco Time Attendance Software Setup and Configuration Management System Setup, In this video i want to show all of you about ,How to Install and Manage ... [Read More.]

SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 Installation for Aadhaar eKYC, Sim Activation, Banks, Apna CSC, NDLM

Buying Link 1 : Buying Link 1 : It is Used forAadhaar eKYC, Sim Activation, Banks,Digital Signature, NDLM, ... [Read More.]

Biometrics Tutorial 13 - "Describe by" statement

One of our first steps is to calculate descriptive stats for each group. There are many ways to do this in R, including the "" statement found in the ... [Read More.]

Biometrics Tutorial 11 - Two Sample t test

Using R to run a 2 sample t-test which compares the means of 2 groups. [Read More.]

Realand AC071 / AC081 Register new User in Biometrics Device Tutorial

Realand AC081 / AC081 Fingerprint Biometric attendance tutorial, on how to Register new User in Biometrics Device. [Read More.]

ACT - Suprema Biometrics Integration Tutorial

ACT's Tech Support lead Dermot O'Neill teaches you how to setup the integration between ACTenterprise Access Control Software and Suprema Biometric ... [Read More.]

MB360 Face Biometrics - Video Tutorial (Part I)

MB360 is an innovative product featured with ZK advanced fingerprint and face recognition technologies. It support multiple verification methods including face ... [Read More.]

How to use Cordya C108U 2.4" TFT LCD Display USB Biometrics Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine

Please like our Fan Page: Shop now click here: All Rights Reserved. Subscribe for more ... [Read More.]

Biometrics part 1

Biometrics part 1 What is Biomatrics . Its ICT bangla tutorial about Bimatrics for HSC class Biometrics part -1: . [Read More.]

Biometric Access Systems Introduction

In this class we discuss Biometric Access Systems. We talk about what information they are actually collecting, how they integrate into your infrastructure and ... [Read More.]

How to Create Shift Time Setting eSSL Smart Office Suite Biometric Machine Software

नमस्ते दोस्त में उम्मीद करता हूँ. आप सब अच्छे होंगे आज के इस वीडियो मैंने... [Read More.]