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Canoe & Kayak Beginner Kayaking Tutorial

C&K online editor Charli Kerns instructs GrindTV\'s Courtney Baird on what to wear and do for your first time on the water. [Read More.]

Top 5 Kayaking Tips and Skills for Beginners

The top 5 kayaking tips to help make you a better paddler are explained by World Champion kayaker, Ken Whiting, in this episode of PaddleTV. Understanding ... [Read More.]

How to Paddle a Tandem Canoe | Tandem Canoeing Essentials

In this video, we look at how to paddle a tandem canoe, including tandem canoeing essentials such as getting into and out of a canoe, how to decide where to sit ... [Read More.]

3 Golden Rules of Canoeing Technique

In this episode, Andrew Westwood looks at the 3 Golden Rules of Canoeing, which are a set of rules that define how to make all your canoeing strokes as ... [Read More.]

Kayaking-Basic Paddling Techniques

For the first video in this series, please click here: [Read More.]

010 - Basic Canoeing Strokes

Join us as we go over your basic canoeing strokes and teach you: Who\'s driving the canoe The sweep / reverse sweep Stroke The power Stroke The J Stroke. [Read More.]

The Beginners Guide to Canoe Sprint

All you need to know about the Olympic discipline of Canoe Sprint that has real medal potential for Great Britain at the London Olympic Games. [Read More.]

How to Make a Paper Canoe - Paper Boat Making Origami Tutorial for Kids

Make paper boat canoe for kids with color paper that floats on water. In this origami tutorial I\'ve shown how to make a paper canoe easily with a few folds. [Read More.]

How to Kayak - What Beginners Need to Know | Perception Kayaks

In less than five minutes, you can learn kayaking basics like proper entry/exit, how to correctly hold a kayak paddle, paddling forward and backward and making ... [Read More.]

Introduction To Canoeing

In its human-powered form, the canoe is propelled by the use of paddles, usually by two people. Paddlers face in the direction of travel, either seated on ... [Read More.]

Top Expert Tips to Solo Your Canoe | Skills | Canoeroots | Rapid Media

Solo your canoe so you can strike out on your own adventure or just become a more skilled paddler in general. For more information visit ... [Read More.]

Sprint Canoe Technique with Olympic Champion Sebastian Brendel | Gillette World Sport

Subscribe to Gillette World Sport: We join Olympic and World C1 Sprint Canoe Champion Sebastian Brendel for a lesson in Sprint Canoe ... [Read More.]

Can You Make a Canoe from Plywood? DIY Quick Canoe. Plywood Cheap Canoe Build

Plans for the Quick Canoe: Link to Noah\'s Marine: Plans and epoxy ... [Read More.]

ExAZ Canoeing Tutorial

This video is about ExAZ Canoeing Tutorial. [Read More.]

How to paddle: kayak technique

Paddling video tutorial. Michele Ramazza is going to explain the two fundamental movements which create an efficient paddling style. This video is good for ... [Read More.]

Proper Kayaking Technique

Ken Whiting explains the basics of proper paddling technique, which will let you paddle more efficiently, more effectively, and more comfortably. SUBSCRIBE to ... [Read More.]

How to Roll a Kayak

Subscribe for FREE FULL EPISODES online on CarbonTV: In this episode, Ken Whiting takes an in depth look at how to roll a kayak. [Read More.]

Building a Cedar Strip Canoe (Full Montage)

My favorite stuff on amazon: This video is a montage of an 18-video canoe building series I spent 8 months ... [Read More.]

How to make a paper Boat Canoe?

Origami Boat Canoe. Very easy boat. Paper size: 15x15 cm. Another Boat videos: 1. [Read More.]

How to Steer and Paddle a Canoe : How to do a Forward Stroke in Canoeing

Learn the complicated forward stroke for flatwater canoeing in this free outdoor extreme sports video from our kayak and canoe expert. Expert: Bruce Lessels ... [Read More.]

Reading Water - Basic River Running

Basic River Running. Eric Jackson, will teach you how to have a great time running rivers safely in EJ\'s Basic River Running DVD! Lifetime kayaker and world ... [Read More.]

Paddle a Tandem Kayak | Paddling Tips and Skills for Beginners

Paddle a tandem kayak comfortably and safely by following these simple tips and tricks as explained by World Champion Kayaker, Ken Whiting. Watch this ... [Read More.]

3 Golden Rules of Recreational Kayaking for Beginners

The 3 Golden Rules of Recreational Kayaking are a set of rules that let you paddle the most efficiently, comfortably and safely. Check out the latest kayaks at ... [Read More.]

Tutorial: Electric Trolling Motor Canoe

Check out my blog for more projects like this one!: Here\'s a fun and quick way to electrify a canoe! Maybe adding a solar-powered outrigger ... [Read More.]