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How To Throw Darts

Have you ever wanted to get good at pub and bar games. Well look no further than this informative video on how to shoot darts. For more how-to\'s, head over to ... [Read More.]

How to throw like a pro: darts tips

Darts pro John Norman Jr. shows you how to sharpen your game. #darts #tips Watch more Life in Newfoundland & Labrador: ... [Read More.]

The Rules of Darts (501) - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains - The Rules of Darts (501). A popular British Game played around the world. Watch this short beginner\'s tutorial video guide on how to play 501 ... [Read More.]

Darts Tutorial - Training Exercises for Beginners

If you want to learn how to throw darts and become really good at it, you should follow these training exercises and practice a lot ! Good luck ! Check out my other ... [Read More.]

Gary Anderson - Throw, Stance, Grip

Gary Anderson shows different views of hes grip, hes stance at the oche and hes throw. [Read More.]

Tips from the Pros - Raymond van Barneveld

Sound advice for darts players of all standards, from 5 times World Champion Raymond van Barneveld. [Read More.]

Dart Tipps zu Wurftechnik │Wie hält und wirft man Dartpfeile? │Dart Tutorial - myDartpfeil

Heute befassen wir uns einmal mit der Dart Wurftechnik und wir geben euch dazu wichtige Dart Tipps auf deutsch. Wie hält und wirft man Dartpfeile ist eine oft ... [Read More.]

A Live Darts Masterclass | Lesson 2 - How to grip your darts

In this episode, Paul will guide you through the fundamentals of darts grip, including how to decipher your own unique grip, placement in the throwing hand and ... [Read More.]

How I throw darts in detail and slow motion

The first of these videos. I am my own test subject and I have done a detailed video to show you how I stand, aim and throw. I have detailed my set up and how I ... [Read More.]

How To Play Darts | 'My Throw' With World Champion Gary Anderson!

Learn how to play darts like the 2015 World Champion Gary Anderson as he talks us teaches us all of the components of his throw! SUBSCRIBE for exclusive ... [Read More.]

Darts-Tipps für Einsteiger🎯 | Konstanter Wurf | Darts-Tutorial | dein-dart.de

Unser erstes Video der Darts-Tipps-Reihe! Wir starten mit den ersten Tipps für Einsteiger. In diesem Video schauen wir uns 3 Knotenpunkte der Bewegung an ... [Read More.]

How to Sew Darts | Beginner & Advanced

Next in our A-Z Sewing Techniques Series, I\'m teaching you guys how to sew darts! In this video, you\'ll learn how to sew darts as a beginner and tips for sewing ... [Read More.]

How To Play Darts - AIMING, PULLBACK & THROWING | Michael Vesper

10X Your Performance on AIMING, PULLBACK & THROWING by Using My Methodology Understand the FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPT, Before you make any ... [Read More.]

How To Play Darts | Learn How To Play Darts With Legend Rod Harrington

Ex-professional and three-time major winner, Rod Harrington teaches the basics darts and explains how to improve your game. SUBSCRIBE for exclusive ... [Read More.]

INCREDIBLE DARTS! Michael van Gerwen v Gary Anderson, 2015 German Darts Championship (HD)

Watch an absolutely sensational 2015 German Darts Championship final between Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson in Hildesheim. To watch extended ... [Read More.]

How to play darts By Wayne Mardle

A few pointers that will help you become a better player. [Read More.]

How to Play Darts - Games of 301 and 501

To view the next video in this series click: http://www.monkeysee.com/play/10140-how-to-play-darts-the-game-of-cricket. [Read More.]

Darts practice - consistency and accuracy

Some simple routines that help to build consistency and accuracy in your throw. they all have \'consequences for missing\' ie you miss and you have to start ... [Read More.]

Darts basics with Mervyn King

View all the practice routines on the FREE Winmau Practice Zone (WPZ) website: www.winmau.com/practicezone The WPZ is backed by years of scientific ... [Read More.]

Easy Tutorial To Mark Darts In Kameez / Kurti

Learn easily the marking of darts on kurti. 2 simple methods to transfer the darts on kurti also explained in video. The post also on our website ... [Read More.]

Profi-Tipps zum Dart-Spielen | Galileo Lunch Break

Wie funktioniert der perfekte Dartwurf? Galileo hat den Profis der Dart-Szene über die Schulter geblickt und einige Tipps abgeholt. ▻Galileo Lunch Break ... [Read More.]

Play Perfect Darts

David Croft shows you how using Winmau SightRight Technology Watch this superb instructional video with the voice of darts David Croft, who shows you how ... [Read More.]

How to Play Darts : Dartboard Rules

A typical dart board will have an outer ring called a double ring, a triples ring, an outer bull and an inner bull. Learn about scoring in the darts game of cricket ... [Read More.]