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LTE Architecture in easiest way in Hindi | 4G Architecture in hindi | How 4G Works

LTE or 4G Architecture in lecture for beginners in Telecom sector and for B.Tech students.i am trying to explain LTE Architecture in a easy way. [Read More.]

LTE Basics

This Video Explains LTE technology basics, OFDMA and LTE Frame Structures and types. Importance of SCFDMA (Single Carrier FDMA) and Uplink Frame ... [Read More.]

4G LTE Call Flow: End-to-end signalling

Full 4G LTE Call Flow course at The LTE Call flow describes the signaling involved in LTE ... [Read More.]

Introduction to 4G Network Architecture Part 1 ( 42890 L2)

Introduction to 4G Network Architecture Part 1 ( 42890 L2) Based on an Alcatel-Lucent (Nokia) course on 4G Voice of Dr Kumbesan Sandrasegaran Creator, ... [Read More.]


In this tutorial we will learn about TELECOM LTE FRAME STRUCTURE in hindi. In this LTE Frame structure video tutorial i have explained the all the units of ... [Read More.]

4G LTE Fundamentals training course | What is LTE Network Architecture

Get 4G LTE Fundamentals Training Course with Certification This video explains ... [Read More.]

4G LTE Performance Optimization course by TELCOMA Training

Complete 4G LTE Performance Optimization Training course with Certification Get ... [Read More.]

LTE Basics Part I - OFDMA and LTE Frame structures

This Video Explains the LTE technology basics, OFDMA and LTE Frame Structures and types. Please share this video with your friends... [Read More.]

LTE Radio Primer Part 1: OFDM Signal

Introduces the theory behind OFDM signals. What are orthogonal functions? What is an OFDM symbol how is it generated and decoded. [Read More.]

LTE Tutorial: SON/ANR (Lecture 2)

This lecture is about SON/ANR with QXDM log analysis. [Read More.]

LTE Tutorial: SON/ANR (Lecture 1)

Lecture describes about SON/ANR Procedure in LTE Network. [Read More.]


LTE Architecture Basics (4G) - Introduction This is the First part of the series LTE-Architecture. But before we jump into the architecture we need to understand ... [Read More.]

LTE Architecture

This video tutorial talks about LTE architecture in detail to give holistic view of LTE architecture. Main functionalities of each network node are discussed in detail ... [Read More.]

Brief Tutorial on MIMO in 4G LTE

Multiple Input Multiple Out (MIMO) schemes makes it possible for 4G LTE to achieve 4 times the throughput for a specific bandwidth. Before going into specific ... [Read More.]

LTE Random or Initial Access/RACH Procedure

This video explains LTE Random Access Process in detail. Contention based random access process is explained with signalling flow. [Read More.]

How eNodeB decides resource elements for Control and Data region in LTE ?

A reader asked, " How it is decided that how many resource elements are utilized for control or to carry data? More information can be found at ... [Read More.]

4G LTE Downlink Channel Mapping ( Logical, Transport and Physical Channel)

In this video, we explain how 1. What types of Information is Received by a UE 2. Types of Logical Channel 3. Types of Transport Channel 4. Types of Physical ... [Read More.]

LTE UE attach/LTE RRC Connection Setup - Log analysis

This video explains UE registration or attach procedure. We will go through UE logs and understand RRC connection setup procedure in detail. [Read More.]

LTE Physical Layer

This video talks about LTE Physical Layer and LTE Air Interface. It has explained following topics in the same order as given below: 1. OFDMA 2. LTE frame ... [Read More.]

LTE Tutorial: Understanding the LTE Resource Grid

Download the free LTE Resource Kit: Get a Free Trial: Ready to Buy: Familiarize yourself with the ... [Read More.]

Force LTE Tutorial 2019

In this video i will teach you to force LTE Connection using Http Injector. Maraming way para gawin ito, pero sa video ko gagamit ako ng HTTP Injector. [Read More.]

Atoll RF Planning Tool for 4G(LTE) Tutorial

Learn practically 4G(LTE) site planning with Atoll tool. [Read More.]

LTE Protocol Stack

This video gives overview of LTE air interface protocol stack. It talks about NAS, RRC, PDCP, RLC, MAC, and Physical layer. [Read More.]

LTE KPI Hindi/Urdu | Best lecture for Nokia,ericsson and huawei engineers | Wireless communication |

LTE KPI in details for telecom professionals/Researchers and for those who want to learn something interesting. Do subscribe to TECHNICAL GUFTGU channel ... [Read More.]

Mobility Testing | LTE/4G Testing Product Screencast

Watch as BreakingPoint's Scott Register details how to use the BreakingPoint LTE/4G test lab and 3G testing functionality. [Read More.]

LTE Basics Part III - Network & Protocol Architecture

This videos explains the LTE Network and Protocol Architecture and mapping logical and transport channels in LTE. Please share it with your friends... [Read More.]

Basic LTE Architecture Video | E-UTRAN, eNodeB, EPC, SGW, PGW, MME, HSS, PDN

Full 4g LTE Basics training course with certification 4G LTE Architecture - Long ... [Read More.]

LTE Architecture Part 3: LTE Specs and 3GPP Releases

LTE and EPC Specifications (Stage 1, 2 and 3). 3GPP Release Process and key LTE Release highlights. [Read More.]

4G LTE KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Training Course | What are LTE KPIs

Full 4G LTE Optimization / KPI training course and certification What are LTE KPIs? [Read More.]

Carrier Aggregation in LTE - Theory + Log analysis

This video starts with theory of Carrier Aggregation and then moves to UE log analysis for CA. It also discusses, cross carrier scheduling and impact of CA on ... [Read More.]

Evolved Packet Core (EPC) in 4G LTE Networks

Full LTE EPC Training & Certification at Evolved Packet Core (EPC) is a framework for ... [Read More.]

Introduction to LTE System Toolbox

Download the free LTE Resource Kit: Get a Free Trial: Ready to Buy: Simulate the physical layer ... [Read More.]

LTE Call Flow - Wireshark (Pcap) analysis of LTE UE Attach

In this video we analyze the wireshark trace from a the MME for a UE that is going through the initial LTE attach procedure. For full course please visit ... [Read More.]

LTE Tutorial (Part 2) LTE Cell Selection

This is the 2nd video in the LTE Tutorial series and covers the LTE cell selection. Below is the link for part 1 covering LTE Cell Search. [Read More.]

LTE EPC Protocol Stack

Full course at LTE protocol stack functions consist of the Medium Access Control (MAC), ... [Read More.]


MIMO TECHNIQUES - CAPACITY & COVERAGE ENHANCEMENT IN 4G LTE In this video on MIMO we have shown how multiple path increases LINK ... [Read More.]

LTE Radio Primer Part 5: Radio Access Protocols

Provides overview of functionality of RRC, PDCP, RLC and MAC of LTE. [Read More.]

NB-IoT and LTE-M

This is the first part of our recorded "NB-IoT and LTE-M" course. Our recorded trainings are pre-recorded in our studio and streamed over the Internet, allowing a ... [Read More.]

LTE Network Architecture Webinar - AIRCOM International

The first of a series of LTE webinars hosted by AIRCOM. This first presentation explores the nodes that make up an LTE network and the functions of each. [Read More.]

What is LTE, this Tutorial Explains LTE

Tutorial on LTE, what it is and how it will change the communications industry world. [Read More.]