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How does your mobile phone work? | ICT #1

For most of us, a mobile phone is a part of our lives, but I am sure your curious minds have always been struck by such questions as to how a mobile phone ... [Read More.]

Mobile Communications

This EzEd Video Explains - Mobile Communications - Cellular Concept - Mobile Phone System - Features of Cellular Concepts - Frequency Reuse - Cell ... [Read More.]

Wireless Technology | Tutorial #11 | Frequency Reuse

Cellular phone networks use cellular frequency reuse. In the cellular reuse concept, frequencies allocated to the service are reused in a regular pattern of areas, ... [Read More.]

Fundamentals of RF and Wireless Communications

Learn about the basic principles of radio frequency (RF) and wireless communications including the basic functions, common specifications, and key parameters ... [Read More.]

Wireless Technology | Tutorial #1 | Introduction to Wireless Systems

Wireless Communication is the fastest growing and most vibrant technological areas in the communication field. Wireless Communication is a method of ... [Read More.]

What is 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G of Cellular Mobile Communications - Wireless Telecommunications

All full 5G,4G,3G,2G Training courses with certification This video explains the various generations of Cellular ... [Read More.]

Wireless Technology | Tutorial #13 | Handoff Strategies

Handoff Strategies in Mobile Communication. When a mobile moves into a different cell while a conversation is in progress the MSC automatically transfers the ... [Read More.]

Wireless Technology | Tutorial #15 | Co-Channel Interference (CCI)

Co-channel interference or CCI is crosstalk from two different radio transmitters using the same channel. Co-channel interference can be caused by many factors ... [Read More.]

Wireless Technology | Tutorial #30 | LMDS

Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS) is a broadband wireless access technology originally designed for digital television transmission (DTV). [Read More.]

Wireless Technology | Tutorial #33 | WLAN

Wireless Local Area Network refers to a local radio network, which usually means a standard of the IEEE 802.11 family. #WirelessSystems #WLAN Follow me on ... [Read More.]

RF(Radio Frequency) based wireless data communication-Tutorial in Bangla

This video explores an easy wireless communication setup between two Arduinos using low-cost ASK RF transmitter and receiver modules that are readily ... [Read More.]

Wireless Technology | Tutorial #12 | Channel Assignment Strategies

Channel assignments are of two types: a. Fixed Channel Assignment b. Dynamic Channel Assignment Follow me on Instagram ... [Read More.]

Wireless Technology | Tutorial #16 | Adjacent Channel Interference (ACI)

Adjacent channel interference is the amount of power that is transmitted in adjacent channels by transmitters operating in their assigned channel. [Read More.]

Fundamentals of 5G Mobile Communication

Introduction to 5G (March 2017) Voice of Dr Kumbesan Sandrasegaran Please send your comments to [email protected] [Read More.]

Wireless Technology | Tutorial #26 | CDMA Channels

CDMA channels are divided into Forward & Reverse channels #WirelessSystems #CDMAChannels Follow me on Instagram ... [Read More.]