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Here we have listed free hand picked top rated Paragliding Free Video Tutorial which help you to improve your skills.

Paragliding Tutorial 01: Setting up and packing

Hello guys. In this tutorial i will explain how to safely set up your paragliding kit and of course how to pack your kit nice and tidy to help keep it crisp and fresh like ... [Read More.]

Paragliding Tutorial 02: Ground Handling

Here are some Ground handling tips for improving your Paragliding skills. Remember guys Ground handling is a very important part of paragliding as you are on ... [Read More.]

Paragliding: Tutorial how to cross gaps.

Hello guys In this video I will help you to understand how the Venturi effect working and how to choose the best way for crossing any gaps. This is my point of ... [Read More.]

Stall (paragliding tutorial) | Max Martini

IMPORTANT!!!! OPEN THE DESCRIPTION!!!! This movie falls under the fair use law it serves for educational purposes only! More about Stall: ... [Read More.]

The Front Launch - Paragliding Basics - How to Paraglide

This video shows you how to correctly forwards launch a paraglider. Start with legs and shoulder straps and then move to the brakes. Correctly hold the A's make ... [Read More.]

Cloudbase Paragliding Tips and Hints - 01. Ground Handling

Welcome to the first of our paragliding tips and hints video series. Aimed at enhancing pilot skills primarily for moderate to strong coastal conditions, this video ... [Read More.]

Paragliding Tutorial - How to Misty Land & Ground Heli

How to Ground Heli 2:25 Misty Landing Warning 6:31 How To Misty Land 9:27 Tried to make this as short & precise as possible but still ended up being 15mins. [Read More.]

Best paragliding course Bir Billing India

paragliding course at India's best paragliding site with international level pilot. Goli Thakur 0 9816925470 Pinku thakur 8894900102 om ... [Read More.]

Shweta Learning to fly Paragliding with Templepilots Paragliding at Kamshet!!

Shweta Learning to fly Paragliding with Templepilots Paragliding at Kamshet!! [Read More.]

How I Learned To Reverse Launch.

The paragliding reverse launch or take off is an essential skill for every pilot to learn and master. Every pilot should learn how to reverse launch safely and ... [Read More.]

Paragliding Tutorial 02-1: Ground Handling additions tips

I realise from previous GH video that i forgot to show you how to sort the glider out when it is upside down :D There are more tips on how to Ground handle and ... [Read More.]

Paragliding Tips: How to reverse launch a paraglider

Mastering the art of Reverse Launching is key to building confidence in your paragliding career. Not only does it give you the ability to launch safely in a wider ... [Read More.]

How to Paraglide Safely in the Mountains

Flying a paraglider above mountains is an amazing experience but has some risks that you don't face when flying over the flatlands. Where are the danger ... [Read More.]

How to fly a Paraglider, Setup and Ground handling

I run through setting up my Paraglider. Then show you some ground handling techniques. I hope you can gain some Knowledge from this and enjoy. This video ... [Read More.]

Paragliding TUTORIAL: Reading the WIND

Let's get technical!... In this video I talk about tips and tricks for reading the winds as they move over terrain. I demonstrate this with the evaluation of a number of ... [Read More.]

Paragliding Techniques & Instruction for Beginners : How to Forward Launch a Paraglider

Learn the basics of paragliding, including how to forward launch a paraglider in this free instructional video lesson. Expert: Patrick Eaves Contact: ... [Read More.]

Paragliding tutorial 3: How to easily untangle your lines

Short tutorial on how to easily untangle your paragliding lines. I think this is the fastest method of shorting your line out. I made this tutorial because I landed in ... [Read More.]

Learn to Fly - Paragliding in Spain - Day 1

In September 2016, we travelled to Algodonales in Spain to complete a paragliding course with Zero Gravity. It was an awesome adventure that we would ... [Read More.]

Control The Wind: Managing Your Paraglider On Windy Launch Sites

Paragliding in windy conditions can be risky. Being able to control your wing gives you a big safety advantage. Join Flybubble Paragliding on a wind-swept ... [Read More.]



Learning how to Paraglide Vlog and First Flight!

Paragliding vlog - First Flight and Learning how to Paraglide *By the way, the harness I was kiting with is just for kiting and the small flights, I had a different one ... [Read More.]

Soaring Skills For Low Airtime Paraglider Pilots

Ridge soaring helps you to build airtime without the turbulence and hit-and-miss altitude of thermic flying. But after you've gone up and down the ridge twenty ... [Read More.]


In this video I talk about how far a paraglider can fly using glide slope distance calculations. These estimates are a ballpark figure for how far your paraglider can ... [Read More.]

Ground handling paragliding

Mark leavesley CFI Leavesley aviation uk. [Read More.]

Paragliding Tutorial. Ground handling, dragged! what to do.

Avoid being dragged, Paragliding Cross brake reverse launch, A and C reverse launch, No A reverse launch. Review your Paragliding take off technique. [Read More.]

Thermaling tips for paraglider pilots (part 1 of 4)

Join Flybubble Paragliding some thermaling tips for paraglider pilots. In this series, Nancy Elliott and Carlo Borsattino from Flybubble provide in-flight ... [Read More.]

Army Paragliding Node - Advance Training To Pilots | Patriot With Major Gaurav Arya

Watch:- Live Update On Christian Michel Extradition - Bulandshahr Unrest - Republic TV Live ... [Read More.]

Misty Landing/ Ground Helico (Paragliding Tutorial) | Max Martini

Jesus Christ is King† Just a short rambling about things, share your experieces to complete the information! This was an improvisation and not scripted at all, ... [Read More.]

Paragliding Tutorial - Why Free Brakes & How

I get asked this quite often so I thought I'd make a video about it & explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of going with free brakes & my new ... [Read More.]

Paragliding tips: How to Forward Launch FLYSPAIN

Flyspain Paragliding Centre - For more information check out our website - For more great info subscribe to our newsletter here ... [Read More.]

Doing My First Acro Manoeuvre

After watching a bunch of youtube videos & getting advice from a few mates I thought I'd try doing my first acro manoeuvre. First I had to learn how to thermal ... [Read More.]

[Steep] ADVANCED Paragliding Tutorial by Flex My Buns

Want to beat paragliding challenges with ease? I've got you covered. Follow me on twitter! [Read More.]

Cloudbase Paragliding Tips and Hints - 03. Effective Ridge Strategies

Join Chris as he takes you through some tips concentrating on the following coastal ridge soaring strategies and concepts; Top landings and approaches Big ... [Read More.]

How to Choose the Right Paraglider (Part One: Which Class?)

Flybubble Paragliding compares the latest paraglider designs across all the classes to show the difference in handling and help you decide which class matches ... [Read More.]

Paragliding Tips: Wind Speed, Air Speed And Ground Speed Explained!

Flybubble Paragliding explains the difference between wind speed, air speed and ground speed. We show you why the wind direction matters, give you some ... [Read More.]

HIKE & FLY Tutorial (Paragliding XC at the Dragon Race 2019)

Made for paraglider pilots, this flight analysis and tactical review will take you inside the Dragon Hike and Fly race to help you improve your XC flying. [Read More.]

Paragliding Walkthrough for beginners, Tips for Low airtime Pilots (Bo-Peep)

This is a brief run through of a short less than perfect paragliding flight in not very lifty conditions. This video is intended to help low air time pilots, who have ... [Read More.]

Finding the center of a thermal - Paragliding Game intro! - BANDARRA

If you fly a paraglider have you wondered how to find the center of a thermal? Or how counter intuitive it is that if you have a strong headwind and you're sinking ... [Read More.]

Starten - Steuern - Landen ... mit dem Gleitschirm. Einsteiger-Lehrfilm (35 Min.)

Einsteiger-Lehrfilm (35 Min.) des Deutschen Hängegleiterverbandes (DHV) und Österreichischen Aeroclubs (ÖAeC) zur Ausbildung von Gleitschirmpiloten. [Read More.]

Epic Paragliding Takeoff Compilation =)

Enjoy some funny and windy Paragliding Departures in Switzerland! #Paragliding #Takeoff #Compilation Music: SirensCeol - Coming Home [NCS Release] ... [Read More.]