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Polymer Tutorials #1 - An Introduction to Polymer

Enter the future of web development by building your own custom elements with Polymer. https://www.polymer-project.org/ Subscribe to Level Up Pro for extra ... [Read More.]

Getting Started with Polymer 3 0

Polymer is not just a framework, it is an ambitious attempt to scry into the future and inform the present - to steward and direct the evolution of the Web Platform. [Read More.]

Easy Charms For Beginners│5 in 1 Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hi everyone! Watch in HD :) In this video I show you how to make 5 simple polymer clay charm designs which are perfect for beginners and people just starting ... [Read More.]

Building an Element in Polymer 2: Install Tools & Initialize Project (Part 1 of 5)

In this episode of Polycasts, Elliott demonstrates building an element in Polymer 2. This episode is broken into 5 parts, links to the rest of the videos are below. [Read More.]

Polymer Tutorial - Introduction to Web Components and Polymer JS

Learn more advanced front-end and full-stack development at: https://www.fullstackacademy.com Polymer is a JavaScript library built on top of web components ... [Read More.]

Miniature Orchids Sculpture // Easy Flower Polymer Clay Tutorial

How to sculpt easy miniature orchids using polymer clay. ____ ↠ Help me make more videos and art : https://www.patreon.com/petitplat ------ INDONESIAN ... [Read More.]

Web Components and the Polymer Project: Polymer 3.0 and beyond (Google I/O '18)

Web Components are powerful, reusable, encapsulated components available natively on the web platform. As web components transition from cutting-edge to ... [Read More.]

Sculpting Thanos (Avengers endgame) - polymer clay tutorial

Welcome! I am tj cha.I will show you a tutorial for creating characters with polymer clay. Today I will make the 'Thanos' from Avengers endgame. Please enjoy ... [Read More.]

polymer clay Kawaii Donut/Doughnut TUTORIAL

Hi charming guys!Iin this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make miniature polymer clay kawaii donut.I hope you're going to like it! ♥ EXPAND for more info ... [Read More.]

Polymer Clay Bracelet- Spring- Tutorial- DIY

Making a polymer clay Spring Bracelet with a mini scenery! :D With a very simple design and a super easy cane to create the little trees! :D Spring is coming and ... [Read More.]

Polymer clay/Fimo Tutorial- Flip flop/ Chinelinho

This is a tutorial on how to make a simple flower cane and a flip flop with Fimo/polymer clay I hope you enjoy! If you did, please leave a comment and ... [Read More.]

Miniature Succulents Plants, Polymer Clay and Acrylics Tutorial

I'm showing you how to sculpt miniature succulents in smiling planters using polymer clay and acrylic paint. ------------------------------- | FIND ME ELSEWHERE ... [Read More.]

7 BASIC POLYMER CLAY HACKS all crafters should know - Tutorial on how to make better diy crafts

Don't forget to subscribe for weekly videos (⊙ヮ⊙) Here are some basic, but important things every polymer clay artist should know. These hacks will help you ... [Read More.]


http://bow3.com/clawbert/ Hi everyone! Today I will show you how to make 10 different cute charms inspired by Clawbert! Clawbert is a super cute app where ... [Read More.]

Polymer Clay Project Tutorial: Modern Art Earring Tutorial

This is a fun and easy take on a set of modern art polymer clay earrings. The technique is simple and quick, but the result is beautiful and eye-catching. [Read More.]

Polymer Clay Tutorials - How to make a flower cane

º°*°º¤ø,¸.¸,ø¤º° Please Subscribe, Rate & Comment °º¤ø,¸.¸,ø¤º°*°º feel free to share this video with friends !! Now we have made a simple polymer clay cane in a. [Read More.]

Miniature Baby Tutorial Pt. 1 (Head) - Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey Guys! :) Today's video is the first part of a tutorial for a polymer clay baby - hope you'll enjoy. I've been pretty busy lately so I haven't had time to sit Down ... [Read More.]