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Sprint Planning Meeting using Rally

Doing Sprint Planning Meeting using Rally or CA Agile Central -------------- Link to Article : https://agiledigest.com/agile-digest-tutorial/sprint-planning-agile-scrum/ ... [Read More.]

CA Agile Central (Rally) Basic training full

Training tutorial video demonstrating the basic usage of CA Agile central tool. [Read More.]

Dirt Rally Tutorial - Basics of rally driving

This is an adaptation of http://www.oldrallysport.on.ca/articles/Driving.html 00:03 Sliding Friction 01:36 Turning 03:00 Weight Balance 04:57 Pendulum Turn ... [Read More.]

Rally Driving Explained

Rally Champion Tim O\'Neil explains the basics of left foot braking and rally driving techniques, all of which are taught at the Team O\'Neil Rally School. Rally ... [Read More.]

Full Tutorial Learn The Best Driving Techniques for Rally WRC HD

Subscribe And Don\'t Forget Activate The ==▻ http://bit.ly/2rhAHvo ✅ And don\'t forget to leave your comment. I\'ll be happy to read it. ✅ Y No Olvides Dejar ... [Read More.]

CA Agile Central (Rally) Training Tutorials - Creating EPICS, Features, User stories

This will cover the creation of basic artifacts in CA Agile central 1. Epics 2. Features 3. User stories 4. Test Cases 5. Defects. [Read More.]

Preparing and working on Scrum Board in Rally

Preparing and working on Scrum Board in Rally. Understand how to Configure the workflow of story and task, and prepare the scrum board with Story cards and ... [Read More.]

How to DiRT - DiRT Rally Beginners tips!

Hey guys hope you\'re having a good day, welcome back to another DiRT video! Little bit of a beginners \"Good to know\" video here, also, fun fact, this is our ... [Read More.]

How to do a Pendulum Turn

A quick look at how to perform a pendulum turn aka \"the Scandinavian Flick.\" Approaching tight corners at high speeds on slippery roads can be a challenge, ... [Read More.]

Rally School Part 1: Mathias Sets the Pace

Rally School is now in session! We invited three \"nobodies\" to take part in a special class at the DirtFish Rally School in Snoqualmie Washington. See just how ... [Read More.]

What is a Rally Routebook?

How rally routebooks are used, explained by rally veteran and multiple champion co-driver Martin Headland. [Read More.]

CA Agile Central (Rally) Training Tutorials - Kanban Board

This video will cover using Kanban board in rally and using custom states in a kanban board. [Read More.]

Configure Kanban Board in Rally (CA Agile Center)

Learn how to configure Kanban Board in Rally (CA Agile Center). Link to Read about Understanding Basics of Kanban ... [Read More.]


ULTIMATE GUIDE TO RALLY RANCH IN LOOMIAN LEGACY! (TUTORIAL) Subscribe to the channel for more videos! Become a Member of the channel here: ... [Read More.]

Tips for Newcomers | How to DiRT Rally 2.0

I\'ve compiled 5 Tips for anyone new to DiRT Rally 2.0 and Sim-Rally-Driving in general. Some things are quite counter intuitive, if you are used to circuit racing. [Read More.]

T.A Open Rally Bharti 2019-20 पूरे भारत के लिए || Territorial Army All Zone Bharti ||

The Territorial Army initially had various types of units such as Armed Regt (TA), Infantry Battalion (TA), Air Defence (TA), Med Regt (TA), Engineers Field Park ... [Read More.]

Dirt Rally Tutorial - Simplifying Weight Transfer

I looked round at other dirt rally weight transfer material and just felt it wasn\'t simple enough. I think we all know that when you transfer weight to a wheel, it gains ... [Read More.]

Rally Stage Notes Explained

An introduction to stage notes, the shorthand language that you would need to learn and use to compete in American rally racing events. Stage notes are ... [Read More.]

DiRT Rally 2.0 | Controller Settings Tutorial (Explanation + Adjustments)

DiRT Rally 2.0 Controller Settings Tutorial / Guide for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. How do you have to adjust all settings to get a better feeling with your gamepad ... [Read More.]

Dirt Rally - Hairpin Tutorial for consistencey, and a little on slow in fast out

How to hairpin consistently! Worth noting that on tarmac the same ideas are pretty much identical. Don\'t over rotate the car, drive the car round etc. [Read More.]

Dirt Rally Tutorial - Introduction to Advanced Tuning

There are a lot of good written tutorials out there but i wanted to make something for people who didn\'t want to read a ton of information and get lost in it. [Read More.]

Oversteer and Understeer AND How to Beat Them || DiRT Rally School

Welcome to the Third installment of DiRT Rally School where we learn to be better rally drivers together. In this episode we look at Oversteer and Ondersteer, ... [Read More.]