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Learn How to Sail: A Step-by-Step Guide to SAILING

Join me on a comprehensive sailing lesson. I teach you the basics you need to know to begin sailing, from vocabulary and parts of the boat to getting underway ... [Read More.]

LEARN HOW TO SAIL - A complete guide to sailing - Ep 52

Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Facebook: I will TEACH you HOW TO SAIL in ... [Read More.]

Beginners Guide to Sailing - An Introduction

This is a basic beginners guide to how boats sail, parts of a boat, points of sail and a triangular course. We need your help raising funds for a new clubhouse, ... [Read More.]

Learn to Sail – Our Step by Step Guide

Easy to follow explanation of what sailing is about from Sailing Guru Mark and how to take those first steps. Bring me that horizon and let's go sailing. [Read More.]

Learn How To Sail: Sailing Basics Video Series - Raising The Mainsail

New to sailing? We created this comprehensive basic sailing video series just for you! We know how difficult it is to find solid answers to your questions related to ... [Read More.]

SAILING SINGLE HANDED. A tutorial with hints tips and techniques to make it nice and easy

Some people like doing it, others not so much, but being able to sail a yacht on your own is an important skill to have. This is a short film that we shot at the end ... [Read More.]

Sailing - Virtual Beginners Course Tutorial

New to sailing or new to yachting, this is the ideal introduction to what sailing is all yacht is all about. We use our 3D virtual world to demonstrate everything from ... [Read More.]

Sailing Guitar Lesson - Christopher Cross

Subscribe for new songs every week! Check out my theory and technique channel! Take Lessons With Me! [Read More.]

How to sail - Points of Sail - Part 1 of 5: Introduction

Points of Sail - Part 1 of 5: Introduction. This video introduces the concept of the points of sail. The trick here is to understand where the wind is blowing from. [Read More.]

How to Sail - How to tack (turn around) a two person sailboat

This video will show you how to tack a sailing boat. tacking is the term used to describe the process of how turn the boat across the wind. A series of tacks is ... [Read More.]

How to Make a Paper Sailboat | Origami Sailing Boat Making Tutorial

How to make paper sailing boat with color paper easily for kids is shown in this paper crafts video tutorial for beginners. Its an easy origami sailboat making ... [Read More.]

Sailing Lessons: The basics (part 1)

Matt Cross, a University of Kansas student and member of the sailing club, gives a 101 talk on sailing. [Read More.]

Sailaway the Sailing Simulator Tutorials (All the Basics)

Welcome to Sim UK. Here you will find Sailaway the Sailing Simulator Gameplay on PC. If you LIKED this video PLEASE SPANK the LIKE button and if you want ... [Read More.]

Sailing/Christopher Cross (tutorial) - cover by Tonedr

A Christopher Cross classic: this video covers the guitar part on the original studio track - tuning is DADF#AD.....thanks for watching! guitar - Fender Strat. [Read More.]

Advanced Sail Trim Made Easy, Part 1

To get the fastest speed we need the shape the sail for the best airflow. Because of the effects of apparent wind and the change wind speed with altitude the ... [Read More.]

Navigation _ Plane Sailing Part 1

Explains plane sailing. For Small areas earth surface can be considered as plane surface. Concept of mean latitude explained. [Read More.]

Learning to Single-hand | Sailing to an Offshore Atoll & Cruising Belize | S03E05

Atticus is off on an expedition sailing to the offshore Atolls of Belize! In this episode we leave Caye Caulker for Turneffe, one of only four Atolls in the western ... [Read More.]

How to Sail a Spinnaker - Step-by-Step Guide to SAILING

I join up with my friend Sam, a retired Air Force pilot and retired Delta pilot. We go out on his boat, a Catalina 22, for a step-by-step guide to rigging and hoisting ... [Read More.]

Sailing Training Video

Learn how to sail with this training video geared to young sailors. In 10 minutes you will have a great idea of how to start. The video uses voice-over and visual ... [Read More.]

Hobie 16 sailing tutorial onboard commentary multi-camera

This Hobie 16 sailing tutorial takes you on a classic joyride with live commentary and multi-camera footage from the senior Wildwind instructor. Filmed in ... [Read More.]

'Start Sailing' - A Complete Guide To The Basics

Chapter Markers: What You Will Need? 00:07 - 00:38 Parts Of A Boat 00:40 - 00:58 How To Rig 00:59 - 05:16 Points Of Sailing 05:18 - 06:08 How To ... [Read More.]

EASY GUITAR How to play Sailing by Rod Stewart - Guitar Lesson Tutorial

Justin's Beginner Song Course App iOS: and Android: Try it free! :) Help with this and over 1000 more free ... [Read More.]

Sailing the Blue Tutorial Demonstrating the Marti Michell Storm at Sea Templates

In this tutorial, Janet Clare breaks down into easy steps how you can make the Sailing the Blue Quilt using the Marti Michell Storm at Sea templates. This quilt is ... [Read More.]

Learning to Sail: When, Why and How to Reef your Sails

Reefing your sails while you are underway is not hard when you know how. This video covers the basics of when, why and how. This is beginning level video. [Read More.]

Sailing rules

Brief Description of theRules of Sailing. [Read More.]

5 Essential Sailing Knots - How To Tie & When To Use 'Em

How to tie, and knowing when to use the right knot is the key to successful knot tying! Our 5 most common used sailing knots and how we use them. HOW TO ... [Read More.]

How to Sail a Sailboat In 3 easy steps SAILING 101


Best Sailing Sim Tutorial EVER!! | eSail - Sailing Simulator First Look Review (Early Access)

Welcome to Sim UK Today we have eSail - Sailing Simulator. == Sim UK == SUBSCRIBE : ... [Read More.]

Hobie Sailing

Hobie Sailboats in action. Hobie Bravo, Wave, Getaway, 16 and Tiger (2009). [Read More.]

How To Play "Sailing" by Christopher Cross | HDpiano (Part 1) Piano Tutorial

Learn how to play "Sailing" by Christopher Cross! Click here for PART 2 and start your FREE TRIAL today! SUBSCRIBE HERE for more of ... [Read More.]

Basics of cat sailing - points of sail, sheet and traveller settings

This should be useful for anyone who needs a better understanding of how to sail. We'll look at: points of sail mainsheet position traveller position how to use ... [Read More.]

Sailing Theory Tutorials - Sail Construction and Care

This video cover the following topics: How a sail-maker uses edge and seam curvature to put shape into a sail. As well as, an introduction to sail materials and ... [Read More.]

Beginners guide to sailing and sailaway simulator

Part 1 of 3 introduction to sailing and sailaway simulator now on steam for PC. [Read More.]

BMW Sailing Tutorial | Episode 1 – Boat Basics

This is the first episode of our new BMW Sailing Tutorials. The BMW Sail Racing Academy Coaches Paul und Max Kohlhoff show you all you need to know about ... [Read More.]

SL Sailing Tutorial (Combat Ships) Part 1

A very basic sailing tutorial. The last half is specifically about sailing in Second Life, using Speculaas Designs (SPD) combat ships. The combat portion of the ... [Read More.]

Sailing Theory Tutorials - Forces on Sails and Foils

In this video, the lift and drag forces on the sail of a boat are combined to form a resultant "Effort" Force vector. The forces on foils below the water are discussed ... [Read More.]

Sailing Photography Tutorial w/ Michael Vanarey (Sailing Virgins) Ep.14

Thanks to Michael Vanarey for helping out here! Michael Vanarey: Roam Travel PR: Music cred: ... [Read More.]

Basics of Sailing Catamarans Part 1

A simple (simple) instructional video on how to sail catamarans. It was for a high school project, and I made an A, so it can't be all bad. I do not own any rights to ... [Read More.]

Sailing Theory Tutorials - Sail Trim, Separation, and Stall

This video introduces the concepts of angle of attack, flow attachment and separation, and the stall condition. Trimming the sail in is related to increasing the ... [Read More.]

Guitar Tutorial - Sailing - Christopher Cross

Educational teaching video on playing the song Sailing by Christopher Cross on acoustic guitar. The various riffs & chords used for the songs intro, verse, chorus ... [Read More.]

Tactical Sailing Tutorial | Sail & Surf Mallorca

Sail&Surf Pollensa - Deine Segelschule auf Mallorca Folgt uns bei unseren Wöchentlichen Erlebnissen hier an der Segelschule. Holt Euch ein wenig Urlaub ... [Read More.]

Systems and Components of an Offshore Sailing Catamaran - Lagoon 410 Walkthrough

After three and a half years of sailing around the world and well over 10000 nautical miles we wanted to give you a tour of our floating home as it is now. Nahoa ... [Read More.]

Minecraft Sailing Yacht - Tutorial

Realistic sailing yacht with full interior tutorial Download: Twitter: ... [Read More.]

'Sailing tutorial' with Team Brunel | Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15

How about this for a sailing tutorial? It's day 5 of Leg 6, and the crew of Team Brunel took the time to give a thorough explanation of the function and purpose of ... [Read More.]

Improve your manual sailing - Tutorial - Naval Action

My first voiceover Tutorial so please be nice :D I will show some tricks how you can improve your basic manual sailing. Should have done it in the first place. [Read More.]

Laser Sailing Top Tips - Tacking - with Double Olympic Gold Medallist Shirley Robertson [Read More.]

Sailing To Philadelphia | Mark Knopfler Songbook | TAB | Lesson 2

The Mark Knopfler Songbook: 00:00 — Intro/Solo Sequence Performance 01:15 — Right Hand Picking Pattern 02:38 — No Capo ... [Read More.]

Sailing Theory Tutorials - Introduction to Sail Shape

In this video the general shape of a sail is discussed and reasons are presented for why it is beneficial to introduce curvature into the shape of a sail. [Read More.]