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Scala Tutorial Full Course

1. What is Scala and Why to Learn Scala? – 00:05 2. Scala Setup – 02:03 3. Scala First Code – 09:43 4. Scala Defining Variable using Var & Val – 20:52 5. [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial | Scala Tutorial For Beginners | Scala Programming | Spark Training | Edureka

Apache Spark Training - ) This Scala Tutorial will help you get started with Scala Programming language. [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial

Get the Cheat Sheet Here : Best Scala Book : Support me on Patreon : 00:55 ... [Read More.]

Scala Programming Tutorial | Learn Scala programming | Scala language

This Scala Tutorial course is aimed at complete beginners to the subject. For those who have no programming experience or those who have limited knowledge ... [Read More.]

What is Scala and Why to Learn Scala?

Scala Ebook : Scala is very important with regard to big data world and it stands for scalable language. Scala was created by Martin ... [Read More.]

Apache Spark Tutorial | Spark Tutorial for Beginners | Spark Big Data | Intellipaat

Intellipaat Apache Spark Scala Course:- In this apache spark tutorial for beginners video, you will learn what ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial For Beginners | Scala Programming | OOPs and Scala Traits | Spark Training | Edureka

Apache Spark Training - ) This Scala Tutorial will help you understand Object Oriented Programming ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial 1 - Introduction to Scala

Find more such tutorials on - - “Scala is an acronym for Scalable Language ” - Scala is a modern multi-paradigm programming ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial 2 - Introduction to SBT (Scala Build Tool)

SBT (Scala Build Tool, formerly Simple Build Tool) is an open source build tool for Scala and Java projects, similar to Java's Maven and Ant. SBT is a modern ... [Read More.]

Scala for the Intrigued

Are you a Java developer who's curious about Scala? Well, then this talk is for you. We start with an overview of the language, consider some its key strengths, ... [Read More.]

Scala Language | Scala Tutorial For Beginners | Scala Functional Programming | Edureka

Apache Spark Training - ) This Scala Language Tutorial will help you understand Functional Programming ... [Read More.]

Functional Programming in Scala

After 10 years of Object Orientated Java, 2 years of Functional Programming in Scala was enough to convince me that I could never switch back. But why? [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial - Factory Pattern in Scala

The factory method pattern is used to offer a single interface to instantiate one of the multiple classes. However, it doesn't make much sense without an example. [Read More.]

Class and Object in Scala Tutorial

Scala is very important with regard to big data world and it stands for scalable language. In order to create a class in scala ,we simply use case and class as ... [Read More.]

What is Scala? | Scala Programming Tutorial for Beginners | Apache Spark Training | Edureka

Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training- *** This Edureka Live video on "What is Scala" will provide ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial 24 - map, flatMap, flatten and filter (Higher-order Methods)

In this video we will cover the basic syntax and capabilities of Higher-order Methods like map, flatMap, flatten and filter in Scala. In Scala map, flatMap, flatten ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial 11 - Scala Functions

Scala is a functional language, in the sense that every function is a value. If functions are values, and values are objects, it follows that functions themselves are ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial - Scala IDE

In this Scala Tutorial video, I will download, Install and configure Eclipse IDE for Scala. I will also cover the steps to integrate SBT with your Scala IDE. With the ... [Read More.]

Scala First Code Tutorial

This video shows how to create Worksheet, how to use REPL and how to use variables in Scala. We'll start coding Scala with "Hello World". Unlike C or Java we ... [Read More.]

Scala: Beyond the basics with Christopher Batey

What can you do in Scala that you can't do in Java? Why are streams and lambdas not enough for functional programming? What are the practical uses of more ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial 8 - Scala while Loop and do-while Loop

Find code here : So what is a loop ? loops allow us to execute a statement or a block of ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial - Object Oriented Introduction

This Scala tutorial video gives you a quick introduction of Object-Oriented features of Scala Programming Language. It shows you examples to demonstrate that ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial 27 - Auxiliary constructors

In this Video I am going to show What are Auxiliary constructors and How to Use a Auxiliary constructors in Scala. Auxiliary constructors are the alternative ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial - Functions

This Tutorial talks about Scala Functions. Scala is a functional programming language and functions are the basic building blocks in Scala. I often see a lot of ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial 4 - Data Types and Variables

Strong typing is very important in functional programming Most scripting like Ruby, Python, etc. are dynamically typed, which is supposed to be one of their ... [Read More.]

Spark Tutorial for Beginners - 2 | Functional Programming in Scala | Spark & Scala Tutorial |Edureka

Apache Spark Training - ) Watch sample class recording: ... [Read More.]

Let’s Code Real World App Using Purely Functional Techniques (in Scala)

We will create a small, real-world data transformation program that demonstrates how functional techniques address issues such as control flow, type ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorials - Closures

This Scala tutorial video explains the Closures and answers why we need closures in functional programming. [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial - Elements of Functional Programming - Part-1

This tutorial covers various elements of functional programming. It uses Scala programming languages to give examples and explain the functional ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorials - Higher Order Functions

In this Scala tutorial, we will try to understand the syntactical side of Higher Order Functions. We will try to understand following. 1. How to create a function that ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial - SBT Project Layout

In this Scala tutorial session, I will cover SBT project layout and create our first Hello Scala program. Project layout is the default location of different types of files ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial 25 - Reduce, fold or scan

In this video we will cover the basic syntax and capabilities of Higher-order Methods like Reduce, fold or scan in Scala. In Scala Reduce, fold or scan are most ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial 16 - Function Currying in Scala

Find code here - Currying is the technique of transforming a function that takes multiple arguments into a ... [Read More.]

Scala Tutorial 26 - Scala Classes

In this Video I am going to show How to Use a Class in Scala.Classes in Scala are blueprints for creating objects. We are going to see how to define classes, ... [Read More.]

1.2 Apache Spark Tutorial | Scala vs Python| Choose language

As part of This video we are going to cover a very important topic of how to select language for spark. language is very important aspect if you are learning spark ... [Read More.]

Learn Scala | Scala Tutorial | Scala Tutorial for Beginners | Scala Programming | COSO IT

Video On Introduction to Scala and Scala Tutorial from Video series of Hadoop and Spark Developers. In this we will cover following topics: • What is Scala? [Read More.]

Introduction to Scala | Scala Tutorial | Scala Training | Intellipaat

Intellipaat Spark Scala course: This Scala training video will help you learn about the fundamentals of Scala. [Read More.]

Scala – 1. Introducción a Scala

Suscríbete y sígueme por Twitter ▻ Pide ayuda o charla en Discord ▻ Scala es un lenguaje de ... [Read More.]