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Best Table Tennis Serves Tutorial. (Pt 1: backspin, hook) --- TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

Decoding the most powerful serves of all time -- Backspin, Hook, Regular/Reverse pendulum, Regular/Reverse Tomahawk, Fastest, Backhand, Reverse side ... [Read More.]

Beginner's guide to forehand topspin

In this video, I take an in-depth look at forehand topspin, with advice aimed specifically at beginner players. Forehand topspin is a vital stroke and will help you ... [Read More.]

How to Play a Table Tennis Forehand Drive: Beginners Level

Jim Clegg, National Level 4 table tennis coach, and a member of Preston Table Tennis's coaching team lead by Tony Rigby explains how to play a forehand ... [Read More.]

4 killer serves to destroy your opponents (with Craig Bryant)

In this video, top coach and service expert, Craig Bryant, explains how to do four of his best serves. These include... - The kicker - Fast down the line - Super ... [Read More.]

Basic Serve in Table Tennis | PingSkills - This Table Tennis lesson teaches beginners how to perform a basic serve. It is proudly brought to you by PingSkills. Subscribe to our ... [Read More.]

Backhand Flick | Table Tennis | PingSkills - Backhand Flick In this table tennis turorial we teach you how to play the backhand flick. This shot is particularly useful against a short ... [Read More.]

Forehand Smash | Table Tennis | PingSkills - Forehand Smash Alois explains the following tips to improve your forehand smash. 1. Get into position early 2. Get side on 3. [Read More.]

How to get more spin on your serves

In this video, top coach and service expert, Craig Bryant, explains how to get more spin on your serves. Having spinny serves will help you put your opponent ... [Read More.]

Table Tennis : How to Play Table Tennis, Including Strokes

Playing table tennis involves an athletic position and good coordination. Find out the basics in this free video presented by a ping pong expert. Expert: Elie ... [Read More.]

Blocking tactics to mess up your opponents

In this video I show you how to use your block shot to frustrate and beat your opponents. You normally use a 'block' to return your opponent's topspin attacks. [Read More.]

Table tennis with Indian in Hindi | Basic strokes in Table Tennis or Ping Pong | Desi Boy | CJTalk

In this video, I'll be going through each of these four basic strokes of Table Tennis / Ping Pong and giving some tips and coaching points explained in Hindi by ... [Read More.]

5 classic table tennis MISTAKES (and how to fix them)

In this video I look at some common beignner table tennis mistakes. These include: - Holding the bat too tight - Standing too close to the table - Standing with ... [Read More.]

How to Push Long - Table Tennis Tutorial - eBaTT -P1 Apr '19

eBaTT - Table Tennis Tutorial - P1 April 2019 (How to execute a quality Long Push), To execute high-quality long push it's important to use good equipment that ... [Read More.]

How to Hold a Table Tennis Bat in Hindi | Table Tennis for beginners | Ping Pong Coaching | CJTtalk

There are two types of grips are discussed in the video first is Penhold grip and second is Handshake or shakeHand Grip Advice on the best way to hold a table ... [Read More.]

How To Develop An Aggressive Backhand - Table Tennis University

Enroll for FREE: - Subscribe NOW: In this video, taken from the Coach Q&A section of Table ... [Read More.]

Table Tennis Training I Pongfinity

Table tennis training video to kick-off 2018! Please let us know if you want to see more table tennis training, tutorial or similar kind of videos besides from trick ... [Read More.]

The most important skill in Table Tennis | PingSkills - A Table Tennis Lesson from PingSkills describing the most important skill. We have lots of other table tennis tutorials available. [Read More.]

6 Basic Serving Types ! ( Table Tennis )

Do you feel good or not good? Please let us know by leaving a comment below. We always acknowledge your contributions! Hopefully we will receive more ... [Read More.]

How to attack third Ball with confidence - Table Tennis

I show you with 3D ANIMATIONS how you can attack the third ball confidently after your forehand serve with a heavy side spin. The opponent often holds his ... [Read More.]

How to Play Slow & Spinny and Fast & Powerful Forehand Loops

This is the video teaches you how to play two different kinds of loops. One is a slow & spinny loop, another one is a fast & powerful loop. Good luck with your ... [Read More.]

3 Steps To Master The Backspin GHOST SERVE | Table Tennis

Hey everyone! The heavy backspin serve that spins back to the net is one that players often want to learn and you may have heard called the ghost serve. [Read More.]

5 Tips To Produce KILLER Spin | Table Tennis

Hey everyone! Creating more spin in table tennis is a fantastic way to improve your shots and develop your overall game, it adds control to your attacking shots ... [Read More.]

How to play a backhand drive in table tennis

In this video I explain how to play a backhand drive in table tennis and give training drill examples to help players practise and improve. This is a video from my ... [Read More.]

Forehand Chop | Table Tennis | PingSkills - Forehand Chop The forehand chop is a defensive stroke in table tennis where you impart backspin on the ball to make it hard for ... [Read More.]

FAST Side Spin Serve Tutorial - Unbeatable!

Hi guys! This video is a tutorial on the fast side spin serve. Hope this can help you out! SUBSCRIBE: ... [Read More.]

Learning Incredible Ghost Serve (Super Backspin) | MLFM Table Tennis Tutorial

Learning Incredible Ghost Serve (Super Backspin) | MLFM Table Tennis Tutorial ▻ Fanpage: ▻ Thanks for watching! Please ... [Read More.]

Table Tennis Serve Tutorial: Ma Lin "Ghost" Serve

Today, coach EmRatThich explains the best tips to perform the "ghost" serve of Ma Lin. There are 2 types of serve in table tennis: set-up serve and trick serves. [Read More.]


Here's a quick video on 3 table tennis serves that will 90% of the time beat your opponent, obviously you won't win every time. Hope you guys enjoy! [Read More.]

Tomahawk Serve Tutorial

At UTT (Ultimate Table Tennis... the Indian premier league for table tennis), I did a segment called Demo Zone. When I first started competing, I remember that ... [Read More.]

Table Tennis Basics Tutorial- Like a Boss!

Learn this table tennis basics training trick using The Golden Point method with coach Brett Clarke. If your table tennis backhand and forehand need work and ... [Read More.]

How to do the "wiggly" shot and seriously confuse your opponent (with Craig Bryant)

In this video top coach Craig Bryant demonstrates how to do the "wiggly" shot. This is where you spin the ball under the table with lots of sidespin to confuse your ... [Read More.]

Learning Forehand Drive & Backhand Drive (Best Tip) | MLFM Table Tennis Tutorial

Learning Forehand Drive & Backhand Drive (Best Tip) | MLFM Table Tennis Tutorial ▻ Fanpage: ▻ Thanks for watching! Please ... [Read More.]

How to do top quality BACKHAND serves (with Craig Bryant)

In this video, top coach and service expert, Craig Bryant, explains how to do very effective backhand serves. Most players serve with their forehand. [Read More.]

3 Easy Drills To Improve Timing in Table Tennis

Hey Guys, one of the biggest challenges in table tennis in our opinion is not technical but timing and rhythm of the shots, so we've released this coaching tutorial ... [Read More.]

Forehand Flick | Table Tennis | PingSkills - Forehand Flick When your opponent plays a short ball to your forehand, you can play an attacking stroke by using the flick. [Read More.]

Training 101 | Forehand & Backhand Topspin | Table Tennis | PingSkills

In lesson 6 we review the basic strokes and then progress onto the power strokes of table tennis, the forehand and backhand topspin, also known as the ... [Read More.]

How To Attack Half Long TT Shots - eBaTT Tutorial P2 Nov 2018

eBaTT - Table Tennis Tutorial Nov 2018 (How to attack half long, Table Tennis Shots), *Regardless of your level, you will require good equipment to execute ... [Read More.]

Learning Invincible Backhand Serve | MLFM Table Tennis Tutorial

Learning Invincible Backhand Serve | MLFM Table Tennis Tutorial #malong #mlfm #ovtcharov #tabletennis ▻ Fanpage: ... [Read More.]

How To Serve Fast And Long | Table Tennis | Pingskills - Ask the Coach Subscribe to our YouTube channel - Hi Alois and Jeff, I'm at a huge disadvantage in ... [Read More.]

Celebrate Like Harimoto | Table Tennis | PingSkills - Visit our website for the best experience in watching our tutorials. Have you ever wanted to celebrate winning a point like Tomokazu ... [Read More.]

Backhand Smash | Table Tennis | PingSkills - Backhand Smash The backhand smash is a stroke we get asked about all the time. Our advice is to play the forehand smash instead ... [Read More.]

Training 101 | Forehand & Backhand Counterhit | Table Tennis | PingSkills

In lesson 4 we work on the important forehand and backhand counterhit strokes. These are the basis for much more powerful strokes you will develop in the ... [Read More.]

Table Tennis Forehand Topspin Tutorial

How to forehand topspin in table tennis? The old forehand technique which is mostly taught in table tennis club has some problems. I will show you the Chinese ... [Read More.]

Table Tennis Tutorial: Forehand Pendulum Serve

Let's learn the pendulum serve in table tennis. The tutorial is demonstrated by Zhao YiYi from chuantt. Coach EmRatThich explains the best 3 tips to perform this ... [Read More.]

How to Play a Forehand Smash in Table Tennis

Enroll for FREE: - Buy this course: - Subscribe NOW: ... [Read More.]

Loop like Ma Long -- EXPLOSIVE forehand -- TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

By focusing on these 6 details, developing an explosive forehand will be a piece of cake. (Special Thanks to Mike for contributing German Subtitles) *Music is an ... [Read More.]

Table Tennis Racket Setup Tutorial (Assembly)

This video shows how to set up table tennis racket, starting from cutting rubbers to pressing the rubbers to table tennis blade. Just a disclaimer though, these ... [Read More.]

1st Lesson in Table Tennis

If you are a new table tennis player (beginner), the first lesson that you should learn is how to hold the racket correctly. It's the fundamental of your techniques. [Read More.]