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The Rules of Water Polo - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Water Polo. A beginner's explanation of Water Polo Rules and how to play it in a swimming pool. Watch this short tutorial video guide ... [Read More.]

Olympic Water Polo - A Beginner's Guide

Australia's Bronwen Knox and Aaron Younger present a beginner's guide to the intense sport of Water Polo. Giving an insight into the games rules, physical ... [Read More.]

"Water Polo Basics": How to Play Water Polo

I made this video for my high school graduation project and to help future freshmen understand the game of water polo before they even get into the pool. [Read More.]

Water Polo 101: Positions, Basic Rules, and Bad Habits to Avoid

The Water Polo 101 series are instructional videos designed to help players understand and learn the game of water polo. This video covers the basic offensive ... [Read More.]

Water Polo 101: Eggbeater and Treading Water

This video covers one of the most important skills in water polo, the eggbeater kick. Eggbeater is the most effective way to tread water whether you play water ... [Read More.]


Introduccion basica al polo acuatico de parte de: Escuela Superior de Deportes (ESUDE) del CODE Jalisco. [Read More.]

Water Polo 101: 6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Game

This video covers six simple things every water polo player can add to their game. We cover how to handle one on 0's and two on 0's, clearing weak side for ... [Read More.]

Water Polo 101: Passing Technique Part 1

Part One in our Passing Technique Series covering one of the most important water polo skills. This video will focus on a few basic components of passing ... [Read More.]

Water Polo: ODP Eggbeater

Eggbeater demo. Courtesy of USA Water Polo. [Read More.]

Outside Shooting Do's and Don'ts: TIP OF THE WEEK

A critical skill set for any serious water polo player to master is a strong outside shot. From timing, to positioning, to form and power, Wolf Wigo delves deep into ... [Read More.]

Water Polo 101: Defense (Updated)

The Water Polo 101 series is designed to help young players learn how to play water polo. This instructional video covers the Press and Lanes Defenses as well ... [Read More.]

Eggbeater Fundamentals Part 1: Movement and Power Development

Eggbeater Dryland Development: http://bit.ly/WPDrylandTrainingPlayers The eggbeater kick might be the oddest movement in any sport because it cannot ... [Read More.]

"Eggbeater," TIP OF THE WEEK

In this very first installment of TIP OF THE WEEK join two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Bradley Schumacher and three-time Olympian Wolf Wigo, as they break ... [Read More.]


AMAZING WATER POLO GOALS ○ Impossible To Forget ○ Part.1 :) ➡ https://youtu.be/lWsmS5-ENNw SUSCRÍBETE AL CANAL: http://bit.ly/1Q27yIM SIGUEME ... [Read More.]


AMAZING WATER POLO GOALS ○ Impossible To Forget ○ Part.1 ... [Read More.]

Becoming a Champion Water Polo Goalie: Technique & Training Drills

For information on purchasing this entire video, go to: ... [Read More.]

Skip Shot, TIP OF WEEK

Join Wolf Wigo as he demonstrates the power and effectiveness of a proper skip-shot, and pick up a few pointers on form and setup. Boy, can this guy throw ... [Read More.]

Tip of the Week: Penalty Shot Strategy

Kelly Eaton shows how to incorporate legs into shooting five-meter penalty shots and the proper strategy to put the ball past the goalie. [Read More.]

Menlo Water Polo Desk Training

This video is about Menlo Water Polo Desk Training. [Read More.]


Vídeo Cortesía de la Asociación de Waterpolo Colegial y KAP7 http://collegiatewaterpolo.org http://youtube.com/channel/UCyXq8qLbMUpYKc4PPLrcNQw ... [Read More.]

KAP7 Tip of the Week: Backhand Shooting

Olympian Wolf Wigo and Kelly Eaton offer instruction on proper form and technique to shoot a backhand. [Read More.]

Oakmont WaterPolo Scoreboard Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to operate Oakmont H.S. scoreboard and shot clock system. Coach Plank created this video as a training tool for our parent volunteers. [Read More.]

6 on 5 Fundamentals in Water Polo

Introduction to numbering of players Defensive assignments Six-In play. [Read More.]

The Rules of Polo - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains – The Rules of Polo – an ancient game played on horseback between two teams of 4 players each. Specific to US and International Polo Rules ... [Read More.]

Waterpolo Instructions 1

Swimming with the ball tutorial. [Read More.]

Eggbeater Development for Water Polo

12-inch bands: http://amzn.to/2lYC4MJ http://bit.ly/WPDrylandTrainingPlayers Water polo eggbeater might be the oddest movement in any sport because it ... [Read More.]

Packagoal - Water Polo Goals

Packable, portable products for people on the go. [Read More.]

Water Polo Technology and Skills Clinic

One of the water polo clinics offered by Tony Azevedo in Southern California. 4 hours long in one day. I really liked it. Lots good information, techniques for all ... [Read More.]

How to be a Water Polo goalkeeper

Olympic champion Tumua Anae reveals all you need to know about being a Water Polo goalkeeper. Learn how to run the defense and the importance of ... [Read More.]


Watch more videos here https://youtu.be/_hgvIo9-UBo SUSCRÍBETE AL CANAL: http://bit.ly/1Q27yIM SIGUEME EN REDES SOCIALES ... [Read More.]

LCD Hate Dance!!!! (water polo tutorial)

this is who we ARE If you do'nt LIKE IT PLEASE don't COMMENT! ;) [Read More.]

Meet The Goalie Changing The Face Of Usa Water Polo | TIME

The USA women's water polo team is favored to win gold. In goal is Ashleigh Johnson, the rangy Princeton student who's ability to read '” and reach ... [Read More.]

Photographing Indoor Waterpolo with the Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6

How does the Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR perform for indoor waterpolo? I paired this lens with the Nikon D850 to see how the combination of low light, high ... [Read More.]

Team Defense Fundamentals in Water Polo

Introduction to Press and Zone defenses. [Read More.]

Water Polo 101: Regular Fouls (Updated)

Water Polo instructional video covering the regular foul. The following concepts are discussed: getting live, putting the ball into play, foul and drop, making the ... [Read More.]