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WiMax Introduction course by TELCOMA Training

Complete WiMax Training course with certification https://telcomaglobal.com/p/wimax-training-course-certification WiMax course by TELCOMA Training. [Read More.]

WIMAX Technology.

IN this video brief description about WIMAX IEEE 802.16a has been slated with animated effects. [Read More.]

Mobile Computing Lecture - - WIMAX(IEEE 802.16) Architecture and layers (Eng-Hindi)

In this video wimax architecture and its working with layers is easily explained. Here are some useful videos you might like GPRS architecture ... [Read More.]

Wireless Technology | WiMAX (IEEE 802.16a)

WiMAX technology is a wireless broadband communications technology based around the IEE 802.16 standard providing high-speed data over a wide area. [Read More.]

How to set up Bsnl Wimax | CreatorShed

Setup and Configuration of BSNL Wimax. I didn't found any good video on BSNL Wimax on youtube, so decided to make one, as I was using this for around 3 ... [Read More.]

Wimax Tutorials

1. How to enable telnet 2. How to set WimaxToolLauncher_For-7-8-VISTA tools 3. How to change mac address 4. How to log in to GUI. [Read More.]

How to Configure WIMAX Broadband POINT MAX

in this video you will learn how to configure your wimax broadband ,make point max .How to check its range and connection status ... [Read More.]


Demonstrates the speed of BSNL wimax Internet HOWI750 plan. [Read More.]

How to Change NTC Wimax Wifi Password

Here is step by step guide to change wifi password of your NTC wimax device. [Read More.]

Tutorials how to reconnect wimax bm622 bm625 bm622i bm622m ( wimax).

Compilation of Wimaxtools and Tutorials on how to reconnect Check it here :http://wimaxtools.blogspot.com/ [Read More.]



An Introduction to Mobile WiMAX

This video provides a brief introduction to WiMAX featuring our commercial product, the Torrent 7240 for testing of WiMAX base stations. It first discusses network ... [Read More.]

Wimax tool demo

wimax tool! we got it all for you! :p. [Read More.]

Wimax Smart Grid Communication Network Simulator Projects

Contact Best NS3 Simulation Projects Visit us: http://ns3simulation.com/ [Read More.]

WiMAX ODU Configurations

This Video shows how to configure OD-235 WIMAX ODU We are Introducing High quality WIMAX,LTE equipments,Networking Devices as Well as advanced ... [Read More.]

Wireless Technology | Tutorial #51 | Structure of MAC Frame

The MAC layer frame consists of 9 fields. The following figure shows the basic structure of an IEEE 802.11 MAC data frame along with the content of the frame ... [Read More.]

WIMAX online form 2018

how to apply wimax online form. [Read More.]

How to access WiMAX BM622m 2012 GUI the easy way

This is one method to access WiMAX BM622m 2012 the easy way by using the telnet commands. Make sure that the telnet is installed first to access the telnet of ... [Read More.]

How to make BSNL wimax faster

Preferred DNS server- ... [Read More.]

How To Setup A WiFi Base Station Tutorial

Simple WiFi's new WiFi base station kit is easy to setup for long range wireless networking and high speed internet over 2.4Ghz and/or 5Ghz frequencies. [Read More.]

wifi wimax simulation PROJECTS

Contact Best Phd Projects Visit us: http://www.phdprojects.org/ http://www.phdprojects.org/phd-guidance/ http://www.phdprojects.org/phd-help/ ... [Read More.]

DSL, Cable Modem, WiMax, Broadband Wireless

Fundamental concepts of DSL & Cable Modem are discussed. Iimportant wireless access networks are presented. Network performance measures are ... [Read More.]


derrick-tech.zohosites.com / web.facebook.com/derricktech1 Before critics are made , show me what u have . Than making critics without efforts guys my tricks ... [Read More.]

How to Change the MAC Address of Huawei BM622 WiMAX Modem

The Huawei Echolife BM622, BM621 and BM625 modems are wireless mobile modems that can be carried anywhere and can instantly connect to the internet ... [Read More.]

Promoting the Use of 3.65 GHz Spectrum Under the CBRS Rules - WiMAX Forum Webinar Recording

The WiMAX Forum and SEWG Leadership address key questions about the spectrum, technology, CBRS changes and how to leverage the use of 3.65 GHz ... [Read More.]

How To Make Usb Powered Wimax

Tutorials On How To make A USB Powered Wimax More Tutorials Here: Wimaxtools.blogspot.com. [Read More.]

Banglalion Wimax Usb Dongle to Tp-Link Router Direct...

How I Connect Banglalion Wimax Dongle to Tp-Link MR-3420 Router Direct @2016 This is Our YouTube Tutorial Channel. Please Subscribe Our Channel For ... [Read More.]

[Solved] NTC Wimax wifi not working, Follow these steps

If wifi in your ntc wimax device is not working, then follow these steps to troubleshoot your problem. [Read More.]

WiMAX Netowork Planning

Cellular Expert contains set of tools used for WiMAX network planning. One of these tools is Visibility Matrix tool, which is demonstrated in this video. [Read More.]

wimax | omnet++ projects

Subscribe us Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/Omnetplusplus-1628146480781523/timeline/ Google+ ... [Read More.]

Wimax Connected No Browse Solution

More Tutorials. @ wimaxtools.blogspot.com Many are experiencing Problems with their wimax, Upon Check your device the status may says it is connected but ... [Read More.]

Wimax network simulator projects

Contact Best Phd Projects Visit us: http://www.phdprojects.org/ http://www.phdprojects.org/dissertation-help-uk/ [Read More.]

How to Use Old Series of Mac Address into Wimax Bm622m

Basically you cannot use old mac series into your Wimax Bm622m problem is you cannot snipe or scan using ur wimax bm622m So here is the solution, Use ... [Read More.]

How to access WiMAX BM622m

This is one method to access WiMAX BM622m 2012 the easy way by using the telnet commands. Make sure that the telnet is installed first to access the telnet of ... [Read More.]

Banglalion WiMAX Tutorial - IP Release, flushdns, renew.

Many Banglalion WiMAX users-facing various kinds of internet connection problems. Mostly we are facing frequently a disconnection problem. Sometimes we ... [Read More.]

HSC ICT Lecture 205 c: wimax

what is WiMaX,frequency band,uses,history,pros and cons. [Read More.]

BSNL wimax Speed 2019

I have used 675 monthly unlimited plan. [Read More.]

Tutorial Perancangan WIMAX IEEE 802 16e dengan menggunakan Atoll

Musik dari : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBxsELzm4O8 ..... [Read More.]

How to control Wimax Connection

See my all Tutorial visit my YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClFdiToyOVTedPSxDSMusCw/playlists See My Blog visit ... [Read More.]

IEEE 802.16/WiMax Security

IEEE 802.16, an emerging wireless technology for deploying broadband wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN), is one of, if not the most, promising ... [Read More.]